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Student Make-Up Kits by BEN NYE

Student Make-Up Kit

Contents of Kits - (Parentheses indicate product number for comparable replacement).

            PK-0    PK-1     PK-2    PK-3     PK-4    PK-5    PK-6
            White   White    White   Olive    Olive   Black   Black
            Fairest Fair/Med Tan     Fair/Med Deep    Medium  Dark 
Foundation  KF-0    KF-1     KF-2    KF-3     KF-4    KF-5    KF-6
 (Reorder#)(L-0)   (L-2)    (M-1)   (P-12)   (Y-3)   (FT-9)  (FT-11)
Contour  1.(CH-0)  (CH-0)   (CH-0)  (CH-0)   (CH-0)  (CH-5)  (CH-5)
 Palette 2.(CS-2)  (CS-2)   (CS-3)  (CS-2)   (CS-3)  (CL-17) (CL-17)
         3.(LC-5)  (LC-5)   (LC-5)  (LC-5)   (LC-5)  (LC-6)  (LC-6)
         4.(CR-2)  (CR-2)   (CL-9)  (CR-7)   (CL-9)  (CR-8)  (CR-8)
Pencil      EP41    EP41     EP51    EP51     EP51    EP51    EP91  
 (Reorder#)(EP-4)  (EP-4)   (EP-5)  (EP-5)   (EP-5)  (EP-5)  (EP-9) 
Face Powder KP-1    KP-1     KP-1    KP-1     KP-1    KP-2    KP-2  
 (Reorder#)(MP-1)  (MP-1)   (MP-1)  (MP-1)   (MP-1)  (MP-2)  (MP-2) 
All Kits Also Contain:
        FB-1 (FB-2) Flat Brush
        LF-8 (LF-1) Latex Foam Sponge Section
        NS-8 (NS-1) Stipple Sponge Section
        VP-5 (VP-1) Powder Puff
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