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Robe (top) Black with White Ren Shirt and Ring Belt
Robe (bottom left) Rouge with Black Ren Shirt and Sash
Robe (bottom right) Hunter with Black Ren Shirt and Bracers
Robe (right) Rouge with Green Ren Shirt and Ring Belt


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  • Doublet - Cotton velveteen,
    Fully lined in brightly colored satin
    Front laces add versatility to this garment as it can be worn laced or unlaced and belted or unbelted.
    Colors Available -
    Navy, Black, Hunter, Purple, Rouge.

    Shirt, Breeches, Hat, Hosen, Belt, Sash, and Arm Cuffs not included.

    Dry Clean only. Care Instructions.

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    This style of doublet was worn throughout olde Europe.
    Wear with Breeches or Hosen.
    Add a ring Belt or Sash.

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