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  • Outer Gown - White velveteen and satin
  • Inset - Navy, Red, Hunter Green, or Rouge

    The Chemise is not included.

    Dry Clean only. See Care Instructions.


    This c.1525 gown is made of two pieces: The Outer Gown is made of cotton velveteen and is fully lined in satin. The Inset is made of cotton velveteen and is reversible to black. It provides a lift for your bosom and holds in your tummy.
    The inset is worn over a Chemise which is designed to pouf through the sleeves. The Outer Gown is then worn over the top. It laces up the front "V", where the inset shows through. The forearms also lace up to the elbow for a snug fit.
    Trims may vary. This makes each garment unique so you won't run into some one else at a fair or event wearing the exact same outfit.

    Instructions for Putting on the German Gown

    1. Put on the chemise with the drawstring in front. Don't tie the drawstring yet.
    2. Pull the insert over the head. Lace each side making the gaps equal distances. (It is period to gap a bit on the sides. Women gained and lost weight back then just as we do today.)
    3. Floofing part; we let gravity help us here. Bend at the waist, reach under the chemise, cup breast in hand and pull up and over towards the opposite shoulder. The more you pull, the more cleavage you will get. Do the same with the other breast. This creates maximum cleavage. (It might be helpful to do this before tightening the last few button holes on one side to allow room for your hand.)
    4. Pull or tuck in chemise so it doesn't show around neckline.
    5. Slip outer dress over head and allow it to hang around waist. Pull on sleeves like you pull on a coat. Not one sleeve at a time, but both gradually at the same time. When putting arm in sleeve, only put it through to the elbow part. Lace the forearms last to make it easier. Tuck in laces.
    6. Lace up the front.
    We hope you enjoy your Renaissance gown.

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