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"Three-in-One" Gown

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  • Outer Gown - Velveteen and satin
  • Inner Gown
    Colors Available -
    Admiral Navy, Hunter Green,
    Jewel Black, Purple, or Rouge.

    Chemise and Hat not included.

    Dry Clean only. Care Instructions.

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    This Flemish, early 16th century gown can be worn three different ways: The chemise and Inner Gown, chemise and Outer Gown, or the chemise with Inner and Outer Gowns.
    Both gowns are made of cotton velveteen and have a pleated skirt sewn to the bodice. The inner is half-lined with satin. The outer is fully lined in contrasting satin so when you walk the gown flashes brilliant colors.
    Each can be worn with or without the arm garters.
    Trims and Satin linings may vary. This makes each garment unique so you won't run into some one else at a fair or event wearing the exact same outfit.

    Gown (above) shown in Navy Outer
    with Navy Inner.

    Gown (left) shown in Red Outer
    with Hunter Inner.

    Green Satin Lining
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    Instructions for Putting on the Robe du Soir Gown

    1. Put on the chemise with the drawstring in front. Don't tie the drawstring yet.
    2. Put the dress on like a shirt. Adjust the chemise so that 1/4 of an inch of the chemise is evenly visible around the neckline. If using the ruffled chemise, adjust it so the ruffle is even round the neckline.
    3. Lace each side so that it gaps equally. Side laces may be as tight as you like, but make them tight enough to hold your cleavage (see next step.)
    4. Floofing part; we let gravity help us here. Bend at the waist, reach under the chemise, cup breast in hand and pull up and over towards the opposite shoulder. The more you pull, the more cleavage you will get. Do the same with the other breast. This creates maximum cleavage. (It might be helpful to do this before tightening the last few button holes on one side to allow room for your hand.)
    5. Tuck side laces into dress under the arm. Put on the Soir outer gown if you like.
    We hope you enjoy your Renaissance gown.